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    First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting my website!

    Photography has always been a huge passion of mine. Being able to capture moments and freeze them in time to create ever lasting memories is completely priceless to me. I am currently specializing in wedding photography, engagement photography and family photography. While I am based in Toledo, Ohio I will travel just about anywhere!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by sending an email to hello@hillarystraterphotography.com, by giving me a call at 440-667-7743 or by clicking the 'contact' tab above!

Osteosarcoma Research Fundraiser – Pet Photography

This was a day that was very dear to my heart. After my Doberman Bentley was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and realizing how big of a problem this was in many of our four legged friends I knew I had to so something. When I started doing research on Osteosarcoma I saw how little it was funded and how little they really knew about the cancer. While my husband and I were going through this incredibly difficult time I decided to plan a fundraiser on behalf of Bentley and other pooches that had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Unfortunately, we had to put Bentley down a few weeks before this event took place, but I knew he was with us in spirit. We had so many wonderful dogs attend this event and there was such an awesome turnout! I wish we were raising money for a happier subject, but by spreading awareness it might help someone in the future. I've always had a huge interest in pet photography and would love to book more sessions in the future. Here are a smorgasbord of cute puppy dog pictures from the event! Enjoy!

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Alicia & Anthony’s Wedding – Bailey’s Ravine

A few weeks ago Alicia & Anthony had their wedding ceremony at Bailey's Ravine at Ayers Gap in North Franklin, Connecticut! It was the first time I've ever been to this quaint little location and I loved it! The area was on the smaller side, but a perfect fit for all of Alicia and Anthony's guests to comfortably stand and watch their ceremony. The waterfall behind them wasn't roaring, but instead gently moving and creating a soft and romantic ambiance. Everything was perfect at Bailey's Ravine except for one minor thing - it would not stop raining! Good thing for this wonderful couple, though! Old tales state if it rains on your wedding day you are bound to have a long and happy marriage! Between that and the love these two share together, I don't doubt that. We never once let the rain hinder their special day and instead used it to our advantage! Thanks for having me share your special day at Bailey's Ravine! Everything was just perfect!



Jinny & Ryan’s E-Session – Harkness Memorial State Park

A few weeks ago I met Jinny & Ryan at Harkness Memorial State Park for their engagement session! The day could not have gone any better! We had an absolute blast getting to know each other and exploring the beautiful park. Flowers everywhere were just bursting with color! At one point it started to sprinkle, but that didn't stop us. I can't wait for their wedding this fall at the Mystic Seaport - it's going to be just perfect! For now, enjoy the pictures we took at Harkness Memorial State Park!

Tori & Brian’s e-session – Connecticut Engagement Photographer

I met Tori through a good friend of mine a few weeks ago and am SO happy she was referred to me! Tori & Brian are planning their upcoming wedding and decided to book an engagement session as well which I just love doing! Their totally awesome dog Remi came along and joined in on their session and stole the show in quite a few shots. Working with animals is definitely not an easy task, but what I love so much is how animated they are and how their personalities just shine through! They bring another element to pictures that is really just fantastic. I really love being a Connecticut Engagement Photographer because seeing the love shared by two people planning the best day ever gives me so much joy. I can't wait for their wedding day!


Chantel & Joseph – Norwich Memorial Rose Garden Wedding

A few weeks ago I worked with Chantel & Joseph on their wedding day in Norwich, Connecticut at Norwich Memorial Rose Garden! The Norwich Memorial Rose Garden is a beautiful and quaint location perfect for a small and intimate wedding like the one they had. Chantel and Joseph had a wonderful ceremony provided by Joseph's father and the groom and groomsman all had traditional Hawaiian garlands made of green maile leaves. I'm so happy I was able to be apart of this wonderful, romantic and beautiful wedding and wish Chantel and Joseph all the best in their new life together!


Norwich Memorial Rose Garden WeddingNorwich Memorial Rose GardenNorwich Memorial Rose GardenNorwich Memorial Rose Garden
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